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Denim Day

Apr 26, 2023

WHEREAS, Denim Day was created in April 1999 as a symbol of protest in response to an Italian high court decision to overturn a rape conviction because the victim was wearing tight denim pants; and

WHEREAS, Denim Day is intended to draw attention to the fact that rape and sexual assault remain a blight on society that affects our citizens, including the victims, survivors, family members, significant others, colleagues, and health professionals involved in these crimes; and

WHEREAS, every Alaskan, regardless of age, race, culture, or status deserves to live free from harm and the fear of sexual assault or abuse, and no one has the right to force, threaten, or manipulate anyone into sexual activity; and

WHEREAS, it is common for survivors of sexual assault to endure lasting emotional, physical, and psychological scars, such as depression, substance abuse issues, phobias, interpersonal relationship issues, and low self-esteem; and

WHEREAS, the State of Alaska is committed to shedding light in the darkest of corners, raising awareness whenever we have the opportunity, to prevent assaults and to increase support for the victims and survivors of sexual assault.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mike Dunleavy, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ALASKA, do hereby proclaim April 26, 2023 as:

Denim Day

in Alaska, and ask that all Alaskans wear denim for the day to stand together against sexual assault. We must speak out against victim blaming, and help create a culture of respect, equality, and safety.

Dated: April 26, 2023