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Careers in Construction Month

Oct 1, 2020

WHEREAS, the construction industry is one of the largest in our nation, employing more than seven million individuals in the U.S., and construction professionals play a critical role in Alaska’s economy and development; and

WHEREAS, Alaska’s world class system of Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees coupled with industry training organizations oversees a successful network of construction training opportunities that continuously renew Alaska’s construction workforce; and

WHEREAS, employers, associations, schools, and career and technical education programs are encouraged to conduct job fairs, panel discussions, and local community events to inform Alaskans of the vast employment opportunities in construction; and

WHEREAS, the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Build Your Future initiative promotes a positive perception of the construction industry, and provides a path for individuals to become craft professionals; and

WHEREAS, the Build Your Future campaign’s mission is to narrow the skills gap by guiding America’s youth and displaced workers toward opportunities that lead to long-term and fulfilling careers in construction.

WHEREAS, the State of Alaska’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development provides countless training opportunities to all Alaskans who are interested in a rewarding career in Alaska’s construction industry. Providing adequate training opportunities and encouraging Alaskans to utilize them to improve their skills will ultimately improve our workforce and Alaska’s future development and economy.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mike Dunleavy, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ALASKA, do hereby proclaim October 2020 as:

Careers in Construction Month

in Alaska, encourage all Alaskans to seek out information regarding the many benefits of a career in construction, opportunities to enter construction through Registered Apprenticeships, and celebrate the positive impact construction professionals have on our infrastructure and economy.