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Building Safety Month

May 1, 2022

WHEREAS, Alaskans are committed to overseeing and maintaining the safety and economic value of the homes, buildings, and infrastructure that serve our citizens in everyday life and in times of natural disaster; and

WHEREAS, our confidence in the resilience of these buildings can only be achieved through the dedication of vigilant building safety inspectors, fire prevention officials, architects, engineers, builders, tradespeople, design professionals, laborers, and others in the construction industry who work year-round to ensure safe construction of Alaskan buildings; and

WHEREAS, the International Code Council is a nonprofit that brings together local, state, and federal officials that are experts in the built environment to create and implement the highest quality codes to protect us in the buildings where we live, learn, work, and play; and

WHEREAS, our communities benefit economically and technologically from using modern, up-to-date codes and standards, including the International Codes, which are the most widely adopted building safety and fire prevention codes in the world; and

WHEREAS, these modern building codes include safeguards to protect the public from natural disasters such as hurricanes, snowstorms, tornadoes, wildland fires, floods, and earthquakes; and

WHEREAS, Building Safety Month is sponsored by the International Code Council to remind the public about the critical role of our communities’ largely unknown protectors of public safety, our state and local code officials, who assure us of safe, efficient, and livable buildings that are essential to our prosperity; and

WHEREAS, “Safety for All: Building Codes in Action,” the theme for Building Safety Month 2022, encourages all Alaskans to raise awareness about planning for safe and sustainable construction, career opportunities in fire and building safety, understanding disaster mitigation, energy conservation, and creating a safe and abundant water supply for all of our benefit; and

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mike Dunleavy, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ALASKA, do hereby proclaim May 2022 as:

Building Safety Month

in Alaska, and encourage all Alaskans to commit to improving building safety and economic investment at home and in the community, and to acknowledge the essential services provided to all of us by state and local agencies who have the mission to educate while protecting our lives and property.

Dated: May 1, 2022