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Blue Star Welcome Week

Sep 24, 2023

WHEREAS, Blue Star Families seeks to empower military families by connecting them with their neighbors, individuals and organizations to help create vibrant communities of mutual support; and

WHEREAS, we recognize the 600,00 active-duty and transitioning military families who move to new communities each year and nearly half of these permanent change of station (PCS) moves occur during the summer; and

WHEREAS, only 33 percent of military family respondents to the 2022 Military Family Lifestyle Survey reported that they feel a sense of belonging to their local civilian community which is essential to the well-being and readiness of military families; and

WHEREAS, we commit to ensuring that military and Veteran connected families feel a strong sense of belonging to their local civilian communities and express gratitude for the sacrifices made by service members, transitioning Veterans and their families; and

WHEREAS, there are 18,935 Active Duty Service members and 1,090 Blue Star Family members living in Alaska and we encourage all Alaskans to welcome military and Veteran connected families into their communities; and

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mike Dunleavy, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ALASKA, do hereby proclaim September 24-30, 2023 as:

Blue Star Welcome Week

in Alaska, and encourage all Alaskans to support and help our military families feel welcome in our communities and in our Great State.

Dated: September 24, 2023