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Alaska Native Heritage Month

Nov 1, 2019

WHEREAS, Alaska’s Native people have fortified our great state with their traditions and values, enriching our land, and shaping our present-day culture; and

WHEREAS, Alaska’s identity is knit together by many indigenous cultures and we celebrate their original traditions, languages, clothing, art, values, and lifestyles that have been passed on through generations; and

WHEREAS, every region of Alaska reveals the valued customs of its people, including the Iñupiaq culture of Northwest Alaska, the Athabascan of the Interior, the Yup’ik and Cup’ik of Southwest Alaska, the Unangax of the Aleutian Islands, the Alutiiq of Southcentral Alaska, and the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian cultures of Southeast Alaska; and

WHEREAS, we honor and respect the unique history and cultural traditions of Alaska’s First People and we recognize the important work of elders and culture-bearers who share the knowledge of the past with Alaska’s youth and work to preserve their cultural inheritance for the future; and

WHEREAS, by emphasizing the important background and traditions of Alaska Native people, Alaska’s children can connect with the past and ensure a bright future; and

WHEREAS, this month and throughout the year, we celebrate the traditions, languages, and stories of Native Alaskans and ensure their rich histories and contributions continue to thrive with each passing generation.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Michael J. Dunleavy, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ALASKA, do hereby proclaim November 2019 as:

Alaska Native Heritage Month

in Alaska, and encourage all Alaskans to celebrate Alaska Native cultures and our state’s vibrant history.