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Governor Dunleavy Signs Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Prioritizing Education, Energy, and Public Safety for Alaskans

Today Governor Mike Dunleavy transmitted the Fiscal Year 2025 state operating and capital budgets. Governor Dunleavy line-item vetoed and signed the appropriation bills Thursday afternoon. The result is a fiscally-responsible budget that invests in Alaska’s public education system, enhances energy security, increases public safety, and improves affordability for Alaskans.

Alaska Realizes Boost in Early Literacy Following Alaska Reads Act Implementation

Governor Mike Dunleavy is pleased to announce new data demonstrates that Alaska’s youngest students are experiencing significant advances in early literacy as a result of the Alaska Reads Act.

Governor Dunleavy Legislation to Increase Competition and Reduce Energy Costs for Ratepayers

Today, Governor Mike Dunleavy introduced legislation to benefit electricity ratepayers

Statewide Public Opinion Poll Finds Overwhelming Support for Education Reform in Alaska

Today Governor Mike Dunleavy released the results from a statewide public opinion poll on education in Alaska.

Governor Dunleavy’s Office Releases Inaugural Alaska Sustainability Report

During the Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference, the Office of Governor Mike Dunleavy released “The Alaska Standard”, an inaugural Sustainability Report that documents the State’s history of responsible resource development.

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Governor Michael J. Dunleavy looking at camera outside

Mike Dunleavy

As Alaska’s 12th Governor, Governor Dunleavy is committed to restoring trust in government and opening Alaska up to new business and investment.