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Broadband Task Force

Office of Governor Mike Dunleavy

Public Comment Archive

Each comment below has been categorized into one or two categories in order to assist members in filtering concerns.*

  • General Edits: These comments span a wide range of issues.
  • Service Criteria/Satellite: These comments generally request more inclusion for technologies that cannot meet the 100ms latency criteria, or for some technologies, 100/20 speeds. Most comments (but not all) focus on GEO satellite service.
  • Tribal Involvement: These comments request a higher level of tribal involvement or project awareness within the proposed state broadband office.
  • Affordability & Consumer Protection: These comments favor mechanisms to reduce consumer rates or require more pricing transparency.
  • Excessive Bureaucracy: These comments feel the advisory board & regional planning committee approach is too onerous.
  • Public Engagement: These comments request additional task force engagement with the public.
*These categories are not meant to fully encapsulate each comment, but rather are included to assist the task force in breaking down the public comment discussion into cohesive categories. Additionally, please note that the verbatim transcripts below were provided by a third-party service and may contain transcription errors.

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