Administrative Orders 101-150
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Text of Administrative Orders available here. For a copy of an original, contact Sylvia Watson (907) 465-3870.

101 09-30-87
Directs director of personnel to amend the Personnel Rules to establish a 40-hour work week.

102 10-21-87
Modifies and supersedes Administrative Order 101. (Retro to 10-16-87)

103 10-21-87
Establish the Alaska State Emergency Response Commission within the Department of Environmental Conservation.

104 10-28-87
The purpose of this Order is to establish a management system for oversight of the Trans-Alaska Gas System (TAGS), including designating the lead agency and procedures for processing and adjudicating Yukon Pacific Corporation's (YPC) application for a common carrier pipeline right-of-way lease. This Order defines responsibilities of State agencies and procedures the State will follow during the processing of the right-of-way lease and monitoring of preconstruction, construction, operations, closure and rehabilitation of TAGS. The management system established by this Order shall also encompass the activities of Northwest Alaskan Pipeline Company (NWA) with regard to its pipeline proposal, and routing or proximity issues that relate to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) and the TAGS.

105 11-10-87
Creates the Governor's Task Force on Transportation Facilities within the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. Ceases to exist July 1, 1988 unless extended by subsequent AO.

106 02-08-88
Executive Branch state offices will be open for Business on February 12, the holiday known as Lincoln's Birthday. A day of personal leave will be credited to employees' leave accounts in lieu of observance of this holiday.

107 04-12-88
Merging of the Division of Community Development and the Division of Housing Assistance within the Department of Community and Regional Affairs. Renaming the consolidated division as Division of Rural Development. (Organizational chart A is attached.)

108 04-20-88
Under Section 4 of Administrative Order #97, the Governor's Interim Commission on Children and Youth termination date is extended to May 15, 1989.

109 05-13-88
The purpose is to assure that there is no unconstitutional or otherwise unlawful discrimination in the award of contracts and subcontracts for public works projects undertaken by the Alaska Power Authority; overcome the effects of past discrimination against minorities, women, and other classes of persons and ensure equal business opportunities for minorities, women, and other classes of persons. Supersedes AO 18, and Supplements AO's 59, 75, 76, 86, and 93.

110 06-16-88
Establishes in the Office of the Governor the Interim Women's Commission.

111 07-27-88
Orders transfer of the Fish & Game Licensing Program from Department of Revenue to Department of Fish & Game.

112 05-11-89
Orders the Department of Environmental Conservation, Fish & Game, and Natural Resources to exercise their respective statutory authorities on land and water use, state resources development, environmental protection and other activities, so cleanup, damage assessment and recovery receive the highest priority. (Contains attachment identifying correctly dated version.)

113 06-12-89
Relating to employment and training of Alaska's work force.

114 07-15-89
Creation of the Governor's Task Force on Youth.

115 08-04-89
Designation of the Department of Commerce and Economic Development, Division of Occupational Licensing as the state agency responsible for implementation of the training, certification, and registration requirements of nurse aides under the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (P.L. 100-203), as it may be amended from time to time.

116 10-02-89
Establishes the Office of Prevention within the Department of Health and Social Services for children and families at risk.

117 11-29-89
Establishes a "Business Development Information Network" administered through the Department of Commerce and Economic Development.

118 02-15-90
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Commission created in the Department of Administration.

119 04-20-90
Directs state department heads to implement waste reduction and recycling practices within their respective offices.

120 07-26-90
Directs the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Natural Resources to investigate, manage, and protect the state's ground water resource consistent with the "Alaska Groundwater Quality Protection Strategy".

121 08-22-90
Establishes a state Pipeline Coordinator's Office within the Department of Natural Resources with oversight powers over common carrier pipelines.

122 08-23-90
The Job Training Council is established and replaces the Job Training Coordinating Council.

123 09-10-90
Establishing the Policy of the State of Alaska on Existence of Tribes in Alaska.

124 07-01-91
Transferring the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from the Department of Commerce and Economic Development to the Department of Natural Resources.

125 08-16-91
Revocation of Administrative Order 123, state's Tribal Status Policy.

126 08-26-91
Centralization of personnel functions and staff reassignment to the Department of Administration.

127 10-08-91
Regarding procedures for transmitting information for publication in the Administrative Journal.

128 04-09-92
Establishing policy for the Division of Audit and Management Services, Office of Management and Budget, and defining the qualifications of the division director.

129 04-22-92
Establishing the policy, guidelines and procedures to ensure state agency compliance with Title I and II of the 1990 American with Disabilities Act (ADA), establishing the Statewide ADA Coordinator.

130 07-14-92
Establishing the State Water Policy.

131 10-12-92
Renaming the Division of Rural Development in the Department of Community and Regional Affairs as the Division of Community and Rural Development.

132 01-14-93
Establishing the Alaska Water Management Council.

133 01-22-93
Repeals Administrative Order 132 and re-establishes the Alaska Water Management Council.

134 04-15-93
Revokes Administrative Order 121 and re-establishes the State Pipeline Coordinator's Office.

135 04-26-93
Establishing the Alaska State Emergency Planning Committee.

136 05-13-93
Establishing the Governor's Outdoor Recreation and Trails Advisory Committee (GORTAC) as the state outdoor advisory committee for the purposes of the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965 (P.L. 88-578) and the Symms National Recreational Trails Act of 1991 (P.L. 102-240) as amended.

137 08-04-93
Establishing the Alaska Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee.

138 09-01-93
Establishing the Governor's Criminal Justice Working Group.

139 01-04-94
Rename the Division of Pioneers' Benefits to the Division of Senior Services and assign the Older Alaskans Commission to the Division of Senior Services.

140 02-02-94
Establish the Alaska Rural Bulk Fuel Task Force.

141 02-04-94
Establish the Governor's Task Force on Eligibility and Residency for Pioneers' Homes.

142 02-17-94
Transferring the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from the Department of Natural Resources to the Department of Administration.

143 03-04-94
Designating responsibility for the administration of all Community Services Block Grant programs and federal monies to the Department of Community and Regional Affairs.

144 06-28-94
Establishing the Health Care Reform Work Group.

145 06-29-94
Directing the Office of Management and Budget to implement a long-term agency planning process.

146 07-07-94
Establishing the Governor's Council of Economic Advisors.

147 08-10-94
Establishing the Alaska Human Resource Development Advisory Council.

148 08-31-94
Restricting the use of Department of Public Safety's designs for uniforms, badges, vehicle markings, decals and other emblems of the Alaska State Troopers and the Division of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement.

149 10-26-94
Establishing the Alaska Statewide Independent Living Council.

150 11-25-94
Establishing a 40 hour work-week policy for exempt employees in Executive Branch, subject to salary adjustment approval.


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