Administrative Orders 51- 100
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Text of Administrative Orders available here. For a copy of an original, contact Sylvia Watson (907) 465-3870.

051 09-01-78
Office of Technology.

052 01-24-79
Oil and Gas Leasing Schedule.

053 04-11-79
Establishing European Office in Denmark.

054 06-23-79
Management System for Alaska Coastal Zone.

055 06-05-79
State Major Project Review Process.

056 07-16-79
Transferring Internal Audit to Office of the Governor.

057 07-30-79
Creating International Trade Commission in Commerce.

058 10-05-79
Transferring Weatherization Program from C&RA to Commerce & Economic Development.

059 06-20-80

060 07-01-80
Transferring Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission to Department of Fish & Game.

061 07-01-80
Transferring Criminal Justice Planning Agency to Department of Law.

062 08-08-80
State Coordination in the Review of Federal and State concerns.

063 09-18-80
Creation of Office of Information management within the Department of Administration & Data Processing Advisory Council.

064 01-06-81
Task Force on Effective Schooling.

065 03-20-81
State Information Districts.

066 04-16-81
Creation of Alaska International Trade Commission in the Department of Commerce & Economic Development.

067 08-14-81
Department of Natural Resources responsible for determination and adjudication of rights in waters of the State.

068 08-14-81
Establishment of Interim Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

069 08-31-81
Transfer of Coastal Management Program from Administration to Community and Regional Affairs.

070 09-01-81
Natural Resources to Monitor the ANGTS State I.D.#SN040-81012802 (Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System).

071 10-04-81
Establishment of Council on Economic Policy within the Office of the Governor and terminating Alaska Growth Policy Council.

072 12-06-82
The use of the Facsimile Signature of the Department of Administration and, where applicable, the Commissioner of Labor to checks and warrants issued by the State, until the new facsimile signatures of the new Commissioners are available.

073 02-10-83
Withdrawal of Administrative Order No. 32 and termination of the Alaska Fisheries Council.

074 03-24-83
Establishment of the Alaska Job Training Coordinating Council.

075 04-08-83
EEO - Governor Sheffield's commitment.

076 05-23-83
The purpose of this order is (1) to assure that there is no unconstitutional or otherwise unlawful discrimination in the award of contracts and subcontracts for public works projects undertaken by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities; (2) to overcome effects of past discrimination against minorities, women and other classes of persons protected by AS 18.80.200 etc.

077 07-12-83
Creation of the Department of Corrections under the direction of Deputy Commissioner of Adult Corrections Roger Endell.

078 12-20-83
Procedures for the Alaska Coastal Management Program Project Consistency Reviews. This Order is organized in seven parts.

079 04-17-84
Relating to the Alaska Administrative Journal.

080 10-24-84
Establishing a combined government and private industry task force.

081 10-25-84
Amends and supplements Administrative Order 75, the general policy on equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment

082 02-07-85
Repeal of Administrative Order 52 (establishing the Agency Advisory Committee on Leasing) and support of Administrative Order 78 (Procedures for the Alaska Coastal Management Program Project Consistency Reviews) .

083 09-11-85
Repeal of Administrative Order 67 concerning water rights and reissue A.O. #83 regarding water rights.

084 10-14-85
Designates the Department of Labor as the agency responsible for the implementation of an occupational information system to meet the common needs for the planning and operation of programs authorized by the Carl Perkins Act.

085 10-14-85
Regarding the development and implementation of a published safety belt use policy for persons in motor vehicles while on State business.

086 03-04-86
Minority Hire.

087 03-15-86
Policy of the State government to encourage the use of Alaska agricultural, seafood, and timber products in order to expand local industry and strengthen the rural economy.

088 02-17-86
Alaska Hire.

089 07-02-86
Implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding and declare that the University of Alaska, Anchorage, School of Justice will serve as the Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center.

090 08-22-86
Reservation of spending authority - budget reduction.

091 12-08-86
Withhold expenditure authority for school debt retirement in a manner that meets the original intention of Administrative Order 90.

092 Not used.

093 03-04-87
Minorities and Women in Business Enterprises;
Affirmative Action; supplement to earlier orders.

094 03-12-87
Creating the Housing Market Council.

095 03-13-87
Merge the Division of Community Development and the Division of Housing Assistance within the Department of Community and Regional Affairs.

096 05-13-87
Designates the Department of Labor as the Agency responsible for the implementation of an occupational information system to meet the common needs for planning and operation of programs authorized by the Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Act.

097 06-11-87
Creating the Governor's Interim Commission on Children and Youth within the Office of the Governor.

098 06-25-87
The Alaska State Building Authority (the authority) is the housing credit agency for the state within the meaning of Section 42(h)(7)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, has the responsibility and authority to establish procedures necessary for proper allocation and distribution of low-income housing tax credits, and shall exercise all powers necessary to administer the allocation of those credits.

099 09-17-87
Establish the Trade Alaska Program for the development of Alaska's economy.

100 09-18-87
Creation of Governor's Interim Health Care Commission.


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