Alaska Governor News News and information from the Office of the Alaska Governor en-us Tue, 29 Jul 14 21:10:27 -0800 Tue, 29 Jul 14 16:47:12 -0800 -- (Benjamin Shier) (Peter Torkelson) Governor Strengthens In-State Refineries parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=6909 Governor Sean Parnell today signed legislation he sponsored to provide incentives for more healthy Alaska refineries. (Governor Sean Parnell) Press Release Alaska Governor News Tue, 29 Jul 14 16:44:01 -0800 parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=6909 Gov. Strengthens Opportunities for Veterans parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=6908 Governor Sean Parnell signed legislation today strengthening veterans’ preferences for special loans, housing and employment. (Governor Sean Parnell) Press Release Alaska Governor News Mon, 28 Jul 14 16:02:01 -0800 parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=6908 Governor Signs Midwife, FASD Legislation parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=6907 In a move to ensure greater public safety in the field of midwifery, Governor Sean Parnell signed Senate Bill 156 into law. Sponsored by Senator Pete Kelly, the legislation updates the Certified Direct-Entry Midwife Practice Act. Additionally, the bill requires a certified direct-entry midwife to be licensed, practicing for two years, and attend 50 or more births as a primary or assistant midwife before being able to supervise an apprentice direct-entry midwife. (Governor Sean Parnell) Press Release Alaska Governor News Fri, 25 Jul 14 16:12:01 -0800 parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=6907 Gov. Appoints Competitiveness Review Board parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=6905 Governor Sean Parnell appointed Rodney Brown, Curt Freeman, Tom Hendrix, Tom Maloney, Joey Merrick II, Kara Moriarty, and Peter Stokes to the Oil and Gas Competitiveness Review Board. The duty of the board is to take a complete view of oil and gas exploration, development and production in the state and make recommendations to the Alaska Legislature. The board will initially consider the state’s regulatory and permitting environment and the effectiveness of workforce development efforts. (Governor Sean Parnell) Press Release Alaska Governor News Thu, 24 Jul 14 14:33:12 -0800 parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=6905 Governor Appoints Corey to Superior Court parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=6904 Governor Sean Parnell today appointed Michael Corey to the Anchorage Superior Court. “Michael Corey has an extensive background in litigation and will bring a wealth of courtroom experience to the Superior Court bench,” said Governor Sean Parnell. (Governor Sean Parnell) Press Release Alaska Governor News Wed, 23 Jul 14 12:05:01 -0800 parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=6904 Another Gasline Milestone Achieved parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=6902 After ensuring that Alaska’s gas could go to Alaskans first, Governor Sean Parnell today lauded Alaska’s LNG Project for applying to export liquefied natural gas (LNG). The application was submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy. (Governor Sean Parnell) Press Release Alaska Governor News Mon, 21 Jul 14 11:30:01 -0800 parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=6902