Alaska Governor News News and information from the Office of the Alaska Governor en-us Sat, 25 Oct 14 05:26:24 -0800 Fri, 24 Oct 14 15:15:10 -0800 -- (Benjamin Shier) (Peter Torkelson) New Drill Site at Kuparuk parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=7014 Governor Sean Parnell today welcomed the announcement from ConocoPhillips that the company will construct a new drill site at Kuparuk that is expected to produce 8,000 barrels of oil a day at peak production. The company credits SB 21, the More Alaska Production Act, legislation sponsored by Governor Parnell, for moving the project forward. (Governor Sean Parnell) Press Release Alaska Governor News Fri, 24 Oct 14 15:13:01 -0800 parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=7014 Speech: AFN Convention “Rise as One” parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=7013 Thank you, loved ones. You, strong, brave-hearted, and good First People of Alaska. We thank elders here today. Grandparents, aunties and uncles, foster parents, and mentors. Thank you for standing up for traditional values, for family and respect, so all Alaskans remember our roots, while taking wing to our future. (Governor Sean Parnell) Press Release Alaska Governor News Thu, 23 Oct 14 15:48:01 -0800 parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=7013 Governor Parnell Signs Native Languages Bill parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=7012 Governor Sean Parnell today was honored to sign House Bill 216 - legislation designating 20 Native languages as official languages of the State of Alaska. The governor signed the bill before hundreds of cheering Alaska Natives gathered for the Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Anchorage. (Governor Sean Parnell) Press Release Alaska Governor News Thu, 23 Oct 14 14:50:01 -0800 parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=7012 Alaska Led Nation in September Job Creation parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=7010 The State of Alaska gained nearly 3,000 jobs in the month of September, according to job figures released by the U.S. Department of Labor today. (Governor Sean Parnell) Press Release Alaska Governor News Tue, 21 Oct 14 17:13:01 -0800 parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=7010 Governor Receives 27 Applicants for TAG parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=7008 Governor Sean Parnell is pleased to announce 27 people have applied for the position of the adjutant general (TAG) for the Alaska National Guard. (Governor Sean Parnell) Press Release Alaska Governor News Fri, 17 Oct 14 14:48:01 -0800 parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=7008 Governor Announces ANWR Boundary Fight parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=7007 Governor Sean Parnell today announced the State is seeking priority conveyance of nearly 20,000 acres of land at the western boundary of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). He made the announcement to the Alaska Support Industry Alliance conference in Fairbanks. (Governor Sean Parnell) Press Release Alaska Governor News Fri, 17 Oct 14 14:38:01 -0800 parnell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=7007