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Boards & Commissions Factsheets

Pharmacy Board

Board: Board of Pharmacy

Board identification number: 078


Authority: AS 08.80.010

Status: Active

Sunset date: 6/30/2018

Requirements: Legislative Confirmation

Prohibitions: Members cannot serve more than all or part of two consecutive terms.

Term: 4 years

Description: The board consists of 7 members appointed by Governor: 5 licensed pharmacists actively engaged in practice in Alaska for 3 years immediately preceding appointment; 2 public members with no direct financial interest in health care industry; when possible, one member should represent each judicial district; members elect president. Terms of public members shall be staggered so that they do not expire at the same time.

Function: Protects the public health, safety and welfare (AS. 08.08.005). Controls registration, disciplinary sanctions, and provides for the regulation of controlled substances.

Chair: Board selects.

Special facts: Members serve at the pleasure of the Governor. A quorum consists of 4 members (3 when examining applications for registration). The board regularly reports to the Legislature. Members may be removed for cause. Members serve until a successor is appointed. An appointment to fill a vacancy is for the remainder of the unexpired term. A member who has served all or part of two successive terms may not be reappointed unless four years have elapsed since the person has last served. The board has the powers necessary for implementation and enforcement of this chapter, including establish and maintain a controlled substance prescription database provided in AS 17.30.200.

Compensation: Standard Travel and Per Diem

Meetings: 4 times per year, for a total of 8 days. Generally, meetings aren't held in the summer, but ocassionaly are held in August.

For further information and to reach individual members, contact:
Donna Bellino
Occupational Licensing Examiner
Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing
Commerce, P.O. Box 110806 M/S 0800
Juneau, AK 99811-0806
Phone: (907) 465-2589, FAX: (907) 465-2974

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