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Boards & Commissions Factsheets


Board: Fishermen's Fund Advisory and Appeals Council

Board identification number: 038


Authority: AS 23.35.010

Status: Active

Sunset date:

Requirements: Legislative Confirmation and Financial Disclosure

Prohibitions: None

Term: 5 years

Description: The board consists of 6 members: 5 appointed by Governor from five specific districts listed in statute and the Commissioner of the Deptartment of Labor, or the commissioner's designee, who serves as chair.

Function: The council consults with the Commissioner (or designee) regarding negative decisions on appeals filed in relation to care of sick and disabled fisherman; Advises the department on administration of the fund.

Chair: Labor Commissioner.

Special facts: Each district is set out in Alaska Statute as follows: District 1: Wrangell and areas south; District 2: Areas north of Wrangell to include Yakutat; District 3: Areas west of Yakutat to East Coast of Alaska Peninsula, including Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, and Kodiak; District 4: Areas west of Alaska Peninsula to Cape Newenham, including Bristol Bay. District 5: Areas north of Cape Newenham, including Kuskokwim, Yukon, Kotzebue, and the Arctic.

Compensation: Standard Travel and Per Diem. No additional compensation.

Meetings: 2 times per year; 10 days maximum.

For further information and to reach individual members, contact:
Ms. Velma Thomas
Program Coordinator
Department of Labor and Workforce Development
P.O. Box 115512
Juneau, AK 99811-5512
Phone: (907) 465-6045, FAX: (907) 465-2797

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