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Speeches & Comment

Governor Parnell Speeches as Prepared

Speech: AFN Convention “Rise as One”

Thank you, loved ones. You, strong, brave-hearted, and good First People of Alaska. We thank elders here today. Grandparents, aunties and uncles, foster parents, and mentors. Thank you for standing up for traditional values, for family and respect, so all Alaskans remember our roots, while taking wing to our future.  Full Speech »

Speech: State of the State 2014

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, Lt. Governor, legislators, fellow Alaskans: Thank you for welcoming my family and me here tonight. I brought three strong women with me: my wife, First Lady Sandy Parnell; my mom, Thelma Parnell; and my beloved aunt, Jeannie Zimmerman. Legislators, you and I have the privilege of serving the greatest people, of a mighty state, in an exceptional nation. Our job is profound: to secure liberty and create opportunity for all Alaskans.  Full Speech »

Speech: Meet Alaska Conference

Thanks again to the Alliance for helping us build a healthy oil industry for our state. Your work on SB-21 – phenomenal. Your work to keep the gains we have – priceless. Over the holidays, our family had the opportunity to watch again the blockbuster movie, “Lincoln.” How many of you have seen it? The movie recounts the story of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.  Full Speech »

Remarks on Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid expansion is part and parcel of Obamacare. The president and Congress established Obamacare as a system of interdependent pieces, and many of those pieces are failing. Some of those interlinking parts include private insurance mandates, insurance exchanges, and Medicaid expansions. Since 2010, the federal government has tried to make Obamacare work. Each time one interdependent piece of Obamacare did not work, the president went about changing “the law.” Unilaterally.  Full Speech »

Speech: 2013 Alaska Federation of Natives

Last spring, more than 100 people gathered in Saxman. The wind and rain came at us sideways, as young men, strong warriors, carried a totem from its carving site about 100 yards to its new home. We all grabbed ropes and pulled it, got it seated and straight. That totem stands, like many others, for the values, culture, and traditions of Alaska’s First People.  Full Speech »

Speech: Pacific Northwest Economic Region

I hope you’re having a fantastic time in Anchorage. Be sure to experience this great land up close, because summer in Alaska is like nowhere else on earth. We also extend a special welcome to our neighbors from Canada.  Full Speech »

Speech: Juneau World Affairs Council

During the debate and testimony this past session over oil tax changes, our State’s independent experts testified in the abstract from finely-tuned economic models about how under the More Alaska Production Act we should expect increased investment, more production, and more opportunity for Alaskans. But I wanted to see an area about five years after the fact — for how tax changes played out over that time in the real world – not just for the economy in the abstract, but for the people who live in those economies. The North Sea turned out to be the place.  Full Speech »

Speech: Memorial Day Ceremony

On a visit to any of our military cemeteries, whether here in Alaska, or overlooking the cliffs of Normandy, you can see the graves of Americans. The silent markers pay tribute to men and women who once stood courageously as freedom’s shield, bearing the spear of human dignity.  Full Speech »

Speech: The Great Alaska Comeback

Let me just say, looking outside, I think spring is finally here. And I think spring is here for our economy. I want to say thanks to all of you for making it possible. Thank you for each one of you who made the phone calls, came to Juneau, contacted your legislators. Thanks for being catalysts for more Alaska oil production and more Alaska opportunity. That’s what you have made available to all of Alaskans now and for generations to come.  Full Speech »

Speech: Commissioning of the U.S.S. Anchorage

Fellow Alaskans, distinguished guests, flag and general officers, Mrs. Annette Conway: I am honored to be with you at this historic gathering. First Lady Sandy and I warmly welcome each of you here to Alaska. All of Alaska is proud to have this ship named in honor of our largest city. We thank you for docking in Anchorage to commission her, and to “bring her to life.”  Full Speech »

Speech: Vietnam Veterans Day Bill Signing

Thank you, Senate President Huggins. Special guests and Vietnam combat veterans - Former Rep. Bill Thomas, Rep. Bob Lynn, Rep. Bob Herron. Thank you, Speaker Chenault for hosting this event today. The Vietnam War certainly tested our nation. It tested our presidents – Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.  Full Speech »

Speech: Juneau Chamber of Commerce

Thank you: Cathie [Roemmich.] I think about Chambers of Commerce, and I think about you as job creators. I just want to say congratulations, and note the award for being Alaska’s Outstanding Chamber; I understand that [you’ve been recognized] two out of the last five years, now, so congratulations – this is great.  Full Speech »

Speech: State of the State Address

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, Lieutenant Governor, former Governor Sheffield, distinguished guests, and fellow Alaskans: I come before you to discharge a duty as old as our democracy. At the beginning of every legislative session, Alaska’s Constitution requires the Governor to report on the state of our state. That is as it should be, because in our country, government reports to the people, not the other way around. Over the next 90 days, we must heed voices far beyond the echo of this chamber.  Full Speech »

Speech: 2014 State of Alaska Budget Proposal

Today, we release our 2014 State of Alaska budget proposal. As we developed this budget, weighing the priorities, I had to reflect on one word that sums up our current position as a state. And that is: Solid. It’s from Latin. “Solidus” -- a gold coin in Roman times. In today’s world, where many governments are saddled by debt, where our own government prints money backed by more paper, a gold coin is a very good currency indeed.  Full Speech »

Speech: Alaska Miners Association

Well, good evening, everyone. This is an optimistic room—and with good reason. It has been a good year from the numbers I’ve seen: More than 5,500 direct and indirect jobs; $350 million in payroll for folks in 120 Alaska communities. You know these numbers better than I do.  Full Speech »

Speech: Governor Addresses AFN Convention

Thank you. It’s great to be back with you. Co-Chairs Kookesh, Anderson, President Kitka, delegates, elders: It’s really my honor to be with you again. I’d like to welcome another guest, Senator Akaka of Hawaii, we’re so glad to have you here, and thankful. Let’s give the senator a hand.  Full Speech »

Speech: First Lady Addresses AFN Convention

Thank you, Sean, honored delegates, elders, and friends. It is an honor to be with you. I am speaking to you mother of two daughters. I was very disturbed to learn that during previous AFN conventions, Alaska youth were targeted by sex traffickers. I had always thought of sex trafficking on the international level. But sex trafficking is happening in our state and largely, it’s Alaskans trafficking other Alaskans.  Full Speech »

Speech: Unlocking Alaska’s Oil for Alaskans

As your governor, I just want to say: Thank you for that warm welcome, and thank you for what you do here at the Alliance. I want to recognize a couple of people. Is there anybody in this room, who is part of the industry, who worked in Cook Inlet or Kenai region before Prudhoe? Let’s give them a hand.  Full Speech »

Speech: Working toward 50% renewables by 2025

Thank you, Marilyn Leland. It is good to be among people who are bold, innovative and visionary. That’s you -- and it is good to see you working together on energy for Alaska. The Future of Energy – truly -- it is the future of our state. Here in the city that hydro built -- we think of Juneau and its history as a mining town, as Alaska’s capital, as a tourist destination, and much more.  Full Speech »

Remarks on SCOTUS Ruling on Health Care Law

My intention today is to provide some initial thoughts about the Supreme Court ruling, federal health care legislation, and also speak to what steps the state is taking in light of that ruling. That U.S. Supreme Court ruling brings to the fore two overarching concerns of Americans—Freedom and keeping their own hard-earned money in their pockets.  Full Speech »

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