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Raoul Wallenberg Remembrance Day

WHEREAS, Raoul Wallenberg is recognized as one of the greatest humanitarians in world history - a man who repeatedly risked his own life to save thousands of others; and Full Proclamation »

Alaska Book Week

WHEREAS, Alaska has a large and ever growing community of writers and body of literature; and Full Proclamation »

School Principals Recognition Month

WHEREAS, school principals are the primary leaders of our schools, serving with dedication and great purpose to ensure student, faculty, and organizational success; and Full Proclamation »

Disability Employment Awareness Month

WHEREAS, the individual talents, skills, and contributions of Alaskans with disabilities are recognized and valued in Alaska’s workforce; and Full Proclamation »

ASVAB Career Exploration Month

WHEREAS, Alaska’s children are our most precious resource and it is vital that we provide our young people with educational opportunities that will prepare them for a bright and successful future; and Full Proclamation »

Cyber Security Awareness Month

WHEREAS, technology plays a vital role in our schools, businesses, and homes; and critical infrastructure sectors are increasingly reliant on information systems to support financial services, energy delivery, telecommunications, utilities, healthcare, and emergency response; and Full Proclamation »

Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

WHEREAS, all Alaskan lives are precious and deserving of a quality life; and Full Proclamation »

Archives Month

WHEREAS, the unique story of Alaska’s past is weaved through thousands of original records created by and for Alaskans; and Full Proclamation »

Fire Prevention Month

WHEREAS, fires cause devastating personal injury and property loss throughout Alaska; and Full Proclamation »

Firefighter Appreciation Month

WHEREAS, Alaska’s firefighters deserve the utmost honor and respect for their courageous work, dedication, and willingness to ensure that our families and communities remain safe; and Full Proclamation »

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

WHEREAS, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that effects Alaskan women, their families, and communities throughout the state; and Full Proclamation »

Transit Week

WHEREAS, Alaska’s transit systems provide more than seven million rides annually for Alaskans in need of reliable and safe transportation; and Full Proclamation »

Family Day

WHEREAS, strong familial bonds are paramount to the success of Alaska’s children; and Full Proclamation »

First Responder Appreciation Day

WHEREAS, first responders put their lives on the line each and every day to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all Alaskans; and Full Proclamation »

Senior Falls Prevention Week

WHEREAS, senior citizens are valued and respected members of our Alaskan communities; and Full Proclamation »

Alaska - Republic of China Friendship Week

WHEREAS, the friendship between the people of Alaska and the Republic of China continues to foster increased understanding and international cooperation; and Full Proclamation »

Employ Older Workers Week

WHEREAS, older workers are valued members of our state’s workforce and play a vital role in maintaining Alaska’s robust economy by sharing their knowledge and experience; and Full Proclamation »

POW/MIA Recognition Day

WHEREAS, since World War II, over 83,000 members of our Armed Forces have been taken as prisoners of war (POWs) or listed as missing in action (MIA) while defending and protecting the citizens and liberties of this great nation; and Full Proclamation »

United States Constitution Week

WHEREAS, the United States Constitution is the ultimate foundation and supreme law of our great nation, creating a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” as President Lincoln famously described; and Full Proclamation »

United States Air Force Appreciation Day

WHEREAS, on September 18, 1947, the Air Force was established as an independent branch of the United States Armed Forces by executive order of President Harry S. Truman and the National Security Act of 1947; and Full Proclamation »

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