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Alaska National Guard Appreciation Day

WHEREAS, over the past 75 years the Alaska National Guard has defended our nation and state with courage, loyalty, and distinction; and Full Proclamation »

Governor Jay S. Hammond Day

WHEREAS, Alaskan pioneer and public servant, Jay S. Hammond made a profound impact on Alaska throughout his life and his two terms of service as Alaska’s fourth Governor between 1974 and 1982; and Full Proclamation »

Alaska BBQ Association State Championship

WHEREAS, Alaska has a strong history of community and tradition, including the sharing of foods, recipes, and enjoying outdoor activities together; and Full Proclamation »

Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Supervision

WHEREAS, all Alaskans deserve opportunities to live healthy, safe, and purposeful lives, and community supervision is an essential part of Alaska’s justice system; and Full Proclamation »

Alaska Flag Day

WHEREAS, Alaska is a vast land of unparalleled natural beauty, brimming with opportunity, a rich history, and a resilient people – a story symbolically captured by the deep blue and stars of gold on our state’s flag; and Full Proclamation »

Independence Day

WHEREAS, the United States of America was born on the principles that all people have natural rights – freedom from tyranny, a life of equal opportunity, and personal happiness; and Full Proclamation »

Drunk Driving Victims' Remembrance Day

WHEREAS, the life of every Alaskan is precious, and it is the individual responsibility of all Alaskans to protect life and choose not to drink and drive; and Full Proclamation »

Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week

WHEREAS, the combined loss of vision and hearing – deaf-blind, is one of the most severe of all disabilities, affecting approximately 1.2 million Americans; and Full Proclamation »

Juneteenth Day

WHEREAS, Juneteenth, a blending of “June” and “nineteenth,” is the oldest known celebration commemorating the end of slavery in the United States; and Full Proclamation »

Pollinator Week

WHEREAS, Alaska is blessed with an abundance of plant and animal species that enhance the natural beauty of our state and contribute to the health of our ecosystems and industries; and Full Proclamation »

Polynesian Flag Day

WHEREAS, Polynesian Flag Day commemorates the first raising of the American Flag on Tutuila Island in American Samoa by the United States Navy on April 17, 1900; and Full Proclamation »

Invasive Weeds Awareness Week

WHEREAS, Alaska’s indigenous plants color the great Alaskan landscape and provide residents with bountiful, life-sustaining resources; and Full Proclamation »

United States Army Appreciation Day

WHEREAS, our country owes a debt of gratitude to the brave men and women in uniform of the United States Army for their service and dedication to ensuring the security and liberty of our nation; and Full Proclamation »

Flag Day

WHEREAS, the American flag has been a powerful and significant national symbol since its adoption on June 14, 1777; and Full Proclamation »

Korea-Alaska Friendship Day

WHEREAS, the State of Alaska is grateful for continued strong international relations with the Republic of Korea; and Full Proclamation »

Lemonade Day

WHEREAS, Alaska’s youth are the future of our great state, and it is imperative that we provide them with the educational opportunities necessary to achieve their full potential; and Full Proclamation »

Alaska Trails Day

WHEREAS, Alaska is home to an abundance of public trails that enhance Alaskans’ quality of life by providing incredible recreational activities, alternate transportation options, scenic byways, and access to our vast wilderness and resources; and Full Proclamation »

Men's Health Week

WHEREAS, we are committed to the prevention of illness and the promotion of good health for all Alaskans; and Full Proclamation »

Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day

WHEREAS, on June 3, 1942, six months after the attack on the Pearl Harbor naval base, Japanese aircraft assaulted United States Army and Navy installations at Dutch Harbor on Amaknak Island, Alaska; and Full Proclamation »

Safety Month

WHEREAS, the safety and well-being of Alaskans is paramount to the bright future of our state and all Alaskans deserve to feel protected and safe in all environments; and Full Proclamation »

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