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Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

WHEREAS, Alaskans value dedicated professionals who provide high-quality health care; and Full Proclamation »

Community Health Aide Week

WHEREAS, Alaskans appreciate health care professionals across the state who provide quality health care to Alaskans, ensuring healthy lives and bright futures; and Full Proclamation »

Cancer Registrars Week

WHEREAS, Alaskans value high-quality health care and appreciate the hard work of professionals who dedicate their time and efforts to improving the lives and well-being of those suffering from disease or injury; and Full Proclamation »

Crime Victims' Rights Week

WHEREAS, every Alaskan life is precious. National Crime Victims’ Week was established in 1981 to bring attention to the lasting emotional, physical, and psychological impacts of crime, as well as underserved victim populations. This year’s theme, Restoring the Balance of Justice, aims to reaffirm our society’s commitment to serving and aiding victims and their families; and Full Proclamation »

Former POW Recognition Day

WHEREAS, Alaskans remember, recognize, and appreciate our brave men and women in uniform who have risen to the call of duty to selflessly defend our nation’s freedoms; and Full Proclamation »

Tartan Day

WHEREAS, Alaskans embrace and honor the many ethnicities and heritages that contribute to our vibrant state and country; and Full Proclamation »

Bear Awareness Month

WHEREAS, Alaska is blessed with an abundance of wildlife, and we appreciate the positive impact that healthy wildlife populations contribute to the Alaskan way of life; and Full Proclamation »

Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps

WHEREAS, Alaskans are forever grateful for our past, current, and future service men and women and for their dedication and sacrifices to safeguard our great state, nation, people, and liberties; and Full Proclamation »

Month of the Military Child

WHEREAS, Alaskans are deeply grateful for the many sacrifices made by our servicemen and women to protect the security and freedom of our great nation; and Full Proclamation »

Autism Awareness Month

WHEREAS, all Alaskan children are precious and deserve the brightest future possible; and Full Proclamation »

Great Alaska Earthquake Remembrance Day

WHEREAS, Alaskans’ safety is paramount and every life is precious, and in the time of a natural disaster, the greatest tragedy is the loss of life; and Full Proclamation »

Tsunami Preparedness Week

WHEREAS, the safety and wellbeing of Alaskans is paramount, and preparedness in the event of a natural disaster is our greatest tool to safeguard our families and livelihoods; and Full Proclamation »

Alaska Arts Education Month

WHEREAS, arts education provides Alaska’s students with opportunities to cultivate and express their imagination and creativity; and Full Proclamation »

Nutrition Month

WHEREAS, proper nutrition is important to the overall good health and wellbeing of Alaskans; and Full Proclamation »

Gum Disease Awareness Day

WHEREAS, the health and wellbeing of all Alaskans is of the utmost importance; and Full Proclamation »

Rare Disease Day

WHEREAS, according to the National Institutes of Health, there are nearly 7,000 diseases and conditions that are considered rare, affecting fewer than 200,000 Americans in the United States. Presently, rare diseases as a group affect nearly 1 in 10 Americans; and Full Proclamation »

Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month

WHEREAS, every child is entitled to love, care, security, and protection from abuse, exploitation, and neglect. As Alaskans, we will protect our children’s inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and Full Proclamation »

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

WHEREAS, every Alaskan has the right to live free from fear and harm; and Full Proclamation »

Choose Respect

WHEREAS, every Alaskan is precious and has the right to freedom, safety, and dignity; and Full Proclamation »

Elizabeth Peratrovich Day

WHEREAS, on this day each year we honor the memory of Elizabeth Peratrovich, a strong and inspirational Alaskan, who was paramount in the fight against racial discrimination in our communities and drove change for equal rights for all Alaska’s citizens; and Full Proclamation »

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