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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Effective Date: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

WHEREAS, we are actively combating epidemic levels of domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska; and

WHEREAS, ensuring that Alaskans are safe and healthy is paramount to creating a bright and successful future for our state; and

WHEREAS, domestic violence degrades human dignity, diminishes the value of every person, and destroys lives; and

WHEREAS, domestic violence encompasses physical, sexual, psychological, and economic abuse, and the effects can be both immediate and long term; and

WHEREAS, everyone deserves to feel safe and be secure in their homes; and

WHEREAS, children are particularly vulnerable to abuse, and, when victimized, face lengthy journeys for recovery and healing; and

 WHEREAS, our state has taken a stand against domestic violence in our communities by creating and enforcing tough laws, expanding victim and survivor services, and focusing on prevention and education. We stand together committed to Choose Respect.

WHEREAS, domestic violence and sexual assault will not be tolerated in Alaska, and each and every Alaskan will do their part to create a safer Alaska.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Sean Parnell, Governor of the State of Alaska, do hereby proclaim October 2013 as:

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

in Alaska, and encourage all Alaskans to unite and end the cycle of domestic violence and to Choose Respect.

Dated: September 3, 2013

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