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Thayer Named Acting Commissioner of Admin.

December 11, 2013, Anchorage, Alaska Governor Sean Parnell today named Curtis Thayer acting commissioner for the Department of Administration. Thayer currently serves as deputy commissioner for Administration and fills the vacancy created by the resignation of Becky Hultberg.

As deputy commissioner, Thayer is responsible for the Divisions of Administrative Services, General Services, Personnel and Labor Relations, DMV, Enterprise Technology Service (ETS), Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, and Alaska Public Broadcasting Commission.

Thayer also served as deputy commissioner of the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development, where he was responsible for the Divisions of Banking & Securities, Insurance, Corporations, Business and Professional Licenses, Community and Regional Affairs, and Economic Development. He previously served on the boards of Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, and on the Alaska Royalty Oil and Gas Development Advisory Board.

Prior to his service with the State of Alaska, Thayer worked for ENSTAR Natural Gas Company, and the Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team. He also spent several years in Washington, D.C., working for Congressman Don Young and the Committee on Resources in the U.S. House of Representatives, and later worked with Senators Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski.


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