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Governor Unveils New Public Safety Initiative

October 8, 2010, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sean Parnell today unveiled another detailed initiative to increase public safety by taking actions against perpetrators who target the state’s most vulnerable citizens.

“Today we continue to ramp up our fight against those who prey on our children and our senior citizens,” Governor Parnell said. “We’re going to do a lot more about the child exploitation committed by predators and pornographers. And, we will root out those who seek to lay waste the golden years of our elders through abuse and fraud.”

Governor Parnell announced a statewide, multi-agency effort to ensure that sex offenders comply with the registration law. Currently, more than 100 sex offenders in Alaska are not in compliance.

Among its provisions, the initiative:

Better prevents exploitation of children

• Toughens penalties for producing child pornography.

• Strengthens penalties regarding online enticement of minors.

• Bans stalking through spyware, cell phones and other technologies.

• Expands Troopers’ Technical Crimes Unit.

Better protects our seniors and vulnerable adults

• Strengthens laws against financial exploitation and other securities fraud to protect vulnerable adults.

• Strengthens laws relating to emergency protection orders for seniors.

• Makes it a more serious crime to violate a guardianship or conservatorship order.

Previously, the governor’s “Choose Respect” initiative was passed by the Legislature during this year’s session. More information on Governor Parnell’s public safety initiative is available above.


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