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Governor Sean and First Lady Sandy Parnell are excited to offer the opportunity for an additional Alaskan community to host the Governor’s Family Picnic in 2015. We are accepting proposals for your community now through May 2, 2015. Four locations annually host the Governor’s Family Picnic: Juneau, Fairbanks, Anchorage, and the Mat-Su. The Governor’s Family Picnic celebrates one of the best things about Alaska – strong communities.

In accordance with the Governor’s Family Picnic this event is:

  • Free, non-partisan event that is open to the public
  • May not be funded by government funds (federal, state, or city)
  • No business transactions may occur
  • All food, beverages, and activities are free and available to the public
  • Paid for with money raised by the community through fundraising
  • Sponsorship in the form of financial or in-kind donations may be accepted
  • The community hosting the event is responsible for planning (location, program, event details, etc.) and nominating the local committee members
  • The Governor’s office will provide a liaison to coordinate with the community’s picnic committee

We encourage each community to tailor a picnic proposal to the uniqueness of their community. The Governor’s Family Picnic will be celebrated in a different Alaskan community each year. We look forward to seeing our neighbors across the state. Please fill out the form below to be considered to host the Governor's Family Picnic in 2015.

Apply to host the Governor's Family Picnic in your community