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Alaska Governor Sean Parnell

For centuries, international trade has been important to Alaska. Early explorers recognized our bounty of natural resources and exported these riches to their native lands. Today, Alaska’s resources belong to our people and we still look for new explorers who will boost trade and help us develop our economy. Our goal is to create a stable business environment that will attract international investment and enhance cross-border commerce.

Relationships are key to maintaining strong economic ties. I appreciate the citizens of Alaska who promote international links through their daily work in the seafood, mining, energy, and forest products industries.

The tourism, transportation, and education industries also help build these relationships. I thank our international partners for their friendship, trust, and investment through the years. 

Please join me as we work together to promote trade between Alaska and the rest of the world.


Governor Sean Parnell

Sean Parnell

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Cynthia Sims
Director of International Trade
(907) 269-7450


Patricia Eckert
Associate Director of International Trade
(907) 269-8118


Shelley James
Associate Director of International Trade
(907) 269-8119