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Governor’s Office Copyright Notice:

Subject to the fair use doctrine, such as limited copying for purposes of scientific research or criticism, the unauthorized copying and posting of material contained within a state publication or web page to a non-state hard publication, web page or other electronic publication constitutes copyright infringement. A person may not use copyright protected content from the Governor's office website for a private commercial use without permission, or for a use that is defamatory in nature.

Downloading of web materials for uses allowed under fair use, such as making a paper copy for subsequent reading is permitted without state authorization and approval, but republication is prohibited. A person seeking to copy material from the Governor's office web page or hard publication to a non-state web page or publication must first obtain permission from the Governor’s office (see directions for obtaining permission below).

Webmaster's Note: An increasing number of individuals and/or websites are beginning to repost/republish Governor’s office copyrighted materials without proper authorization or permissions. If you are not sure whether the “Fair Use” provision of the Copyright Act would allow copying a needed item or material, request copies or copying permission from the state (specifically the Governor’s office webmaster) before using Governor’s Office materials.

As an alternative to reposting our materials on other web sites we encourage the use of one or more of the following web techniques:

  1. sites can link to our own pages containing those materials or information,
  2. create coding such that a NEW browser window will open displaying our appropriate web page (A HREF=“ ” . . . target=“_blank” or target=“_new”), or
  3. write to us and request that specific data or information that is currently not posted to our site be added to our site so links can be established to our original material on our site. For materials that we are unable to post immediately (for your site to link to), you may inquire about conditions to provide those materials for posting to your own web site.

The use of “frames” to reproduce/display our web pages/site on an external website is prohibited.

Permission requirements:

  • Full and contact information (email, phone, address).
  • Explain the nature of the request (i.e., your intended use and its duration)
  • Include pertinent source information (e.g., year, volume, number, edition, pages or portions of a page, URL of the web page, and/or nature of the information or data) that clearly identifies the material you are seeking permission to use.

Please send permission requests using our Contact the Governor form at or write to: Governor’s Office, P.O. Box 110001, Juneau, AK 99811-0001.

Review of your request may take some time (typically 7-10 days at most). If you receive no immediate response, do not assume permission has or would have been granted. Please feel free to contact our office again and request a follow-up to your initial inquiry.

If such use does not qualify as "fair use" then the state is free to deny permission to use requested photographs/materials.

Although the Governor’s office may grant permission(s) to use any of its copyrighted materials, the office also reserves the right to revoke such authorization at any time, and use of our materials shall be discontinued immediately upon written notice from this department.

Restrictions on using the Governor’s Official Portrait

To gain permission to use the Governor’s official portrait, please use the same procedure as described above for copyrighted materials.

Restrictions on using the Alaska State Seal

Use of the Alaska State Seal is reserved for official publications, electronic or paper. Restrictions on use of the Alaska State Seal are based on state statue Chapter 44.09. STATE SEAL.

There are procedures for obtaining approval for the use of the Alaska State Seal on a joint publication with the department, including electronic publications. For more information visit the Lieutenant Governor’s Alaska State Seal page.

Alteration or Manipulation of Distributed Electronic Documents and Forms

Documents distributed in an electronic manner (e.g., Adobe Acrobat documents — .pdf; PostScript files — .eps, .ps, .prn; word processing documents — .doc, .wp, .rtf, .txt; spreadsheet documents — .xls, .csv; or hypertext markup language — .htm, .html; etc.) are not to be altered or manipulated (largely or in part) and then republished or reposted through any medium without department approval. Non-approved alteration of our original materials beyond “fair use” under the Copyright Act and reposting or duplication of our electronic documents or files is expressly prohibited.

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